Welcome to the Political Communication and Public Opinion Laboratory (LACPOP) at UQAM. LACPOP is a unique research space since 2014 dedicated to the collection and analysis of public opinion and political communication data. The Lab has 10 computer stations equipped with software to allow for the collection, coding and analysis of a wide range of political communication and public opinion data. It is the only political psychology Lab equipped with an infrastructure allowing the measurement and analysis of quantitative, experimental, and physiological data within a French-speaking university.

The LACPOP has three main objectives:

First of all, offer professors and students from UQAM and elsewhere a place and specialized tools to develop and implement research designs on the political attitudes of citizens as well as political communication. Secondly, the Lab aims to contribute to the dissemination and development of experimental research on the measurement and role of psychological mechanisms in political science, as well as the quantitative analysis of media content. This contribution takes shape through the work and publications of the members, the role the Lab in important networks (C-Dem; CSDC; GRCP; FODEM), as well as a series of conferences held at UQAM. Thirdly, the LACPOP aims to train students from the faculty and from UQAM in the use of cutting-edge techniques and tools in particular softwares, allowing the connection and prosessing of large volumes of data that can now be explored to better understand political phenomena. This objective is achieved through tailor-made training for student members of the Lab as well a through the series of methodological workshops offered free of charge to UQAM students.

The lab has five main capacities:

  • To conduct small-scale political psychology experiments
  • To analyse written and audiovisual content
  • To analyse quantitative survey and statistical data
  • To provide methodological training to graduate students
  • To archive audiovisual material

Currently, we have the following programs available on the work stations:

  • Stata/SE
  • Stat/Transfer
  • R
  • Lexicoder
  • SPSS
  • NVivo 10
  • QDA Miner
  • FaceGen Modeller
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • MediaLab
  • Applian Replay Capture Suite
  • Qualtrics
  • Implicit