Welcome to the Political Communication and Public Opinion Laboratory (LACPOP) at UQAM. LACPOP is a unique research space dedicated to the collection and analysis of public opinion and political communication data. The Lab has 10 computer stations equipped with software to allow for the collection, coding and analysis of a wide range of political communication and public opinion data.

The lab has five main capacities:

  • To conduct small-scale political psychology experiments
  • To analyse written and audiovisual content
  • To analyse quantitative survey and statistical data
  • To provide methodological training to graduate students
  • To archive audiovisual material

Currently, we have the following programs available on the work stations:

  • Stata/SE
  • Stat/Transfer
  • R
  • Lexicoder
  • SPSS
  • NVivo 10
  • QDA Miner
  • FaceGen Modeller
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • MediaLab
  • Applian Replay Capture Suite
  • Qualtrics
  • Implicit